About the Project

Objectives of the project:

  • To review historical texts, records and materials written by the Oblate missionaries of Northwestern Canada
  • To provide new scholarly insights into the texts and records of the Oblates of Aboriginal communities
  • To examine the texts and interpret the events and situations of that time in a contemporary context
  • To provide new understandings from Indigenous Elders and traditional teachers who re-interpret and re-contextualize the texts into "Aboriginal realities" using personal knowledge or oral history pertaining to that period
  • To support a better understanding of the Aboriginal point of view of the historical text through a dialogue with Elders, teachers, and missionaries
  • To "open" the language of the texts of the Oblate missionaries enabling the use of Aboriginal language to name and describe the historical events under review
  • To discover and rediscover the cultural meanings embedded in the Aboriginal languages as reflected in the words used at that time
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