Guiding Principles

Healing Through Language and Culture: A research project with Aboriginal peoples in Northwestern Canada

Team members, students, and project coordinator will exercise and exhibit:

  • Respect and responsiveness to guidance and wisdom offered by Elders
  • A sense of walking and learning together
  • A commitment to work together as a team and with communities in building relationships of respect, trust and openness
  • A willingness and intention to speak to be heard and listen to hear
  • A recognition and honouring of the diversity and strengths of one another
  • A recognition and honouring the cultural traditions and languages of Aboriginal communities
  • A committment and sustained effort towards understanding and healing of Tan'si oma ehitnikeyahk?  <How did we get to where we are?>
  • A willingness to persevere against multiple and complex forms of difficulties and challenges
  • A recognition, honouring and respect for the many untold stories
  • A direct acknowledgement of Indigenous research methodologies and Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  • A deep caring of one another