Frequently Asked Questions

What does CURA mean?

>CURA refers to the "Community University Research Alliance", a research grant program under the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The CURA grants support the establishment of research partnerships between Canadian universities and the communities within which they are situated.  In this CURA project, the University of Alberta is the lead organization and has established a network of formal and informal partnerships with Aboriginal communities of Northwestern Canada, other Universities, Aboriginal organizations and the missionary order of the Oblates. 

What is the research focus for Healing Through Language & Culture?

  • Aboriginal languages and cultures, including grammars, vocabulary, syntax, meaning, syllabary/writing, oral traditions, ceremonies
  • Oblate missionary texts, documents, photographs, recorded notes, books, dictionaries
  • Academic theories about languages and cultures and their relationships to language learning, identity formation, cultural sustainability, individual and collective health
  • Action research that occurs in contemporary and traditional learning and healing contexts, including stories and ceremonies

Who is involved in the CURA research?

  • Aboriginal Communities
  • Indigenous & non-Indigenous Scholars
  • Oblate missionaries

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